Handicraft is a relatively new practise in Itacaré. Nevertheless, in recent years Itacaré has seen an impressive number of handicraft artists developing creative works of unquestionable refined beauty.

Many fine artists, mainly painters and sculptors, came from various parts of Brazil and decided to settle down in Itacaré. It's easy to admire their work, as much of it is distributed throughout the bars, restaurants and pousadas (guest-houses) of Itacaré.

The foundation of the handicraft in Itacaré is, without a shadow of doubt, nature. There is such a variety of raw materials offered by nature here. The artist's creativity really can fly!

Coconut and dendê trees (a palm tree cultivated for cooking oil) are generally the most widely used. Nearly every part that makes up these trees can be used in some form, as a base, component or decoration for handicraft products.

Coconut fibers and stems are transformed into lamps, açaí (a fruit palm) stems become American games, coconut palms create very interesting wall coverings and dendê seeds are used for making curtains.

These and the many other handicraft products produced by the artists of Itacaré are an important generator of jobs and income, while at the same time decorating and beautifying the homes and lives of so many tourists that visit us.

And yet we are still considered beginners amongst handicraft artists here in Itacaré! There is still a vast, creative road to be explored when it comes to experimenting with the many different raw materials offered by nature here.

Some handicraft artists of Itacaré


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