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Instituto Floresta Viva

Rodovia Ilhéus/Itacaré Km 34 - Serra Grande

☎ +55 73 - 3239 6115

The Floresta Viva Program brings sustainable economic alternatives to the small agricultural producer of the Protected Environmental Area (APA) of Itacaré / Serra Grande.

Contact: Rui Barbosa da Rocha
☎ +55 73 - 3239 6115



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Neutral Carbon Tourism Certification Building a Carbon Free Destination

In Itacaré and Serra Grande, look for the «Carbon Free Tourism Certification Program» seal exposed in hotels, restaurants and other services.

The funds gathered through the program are redirected to traditional small-scale farmers to plant trees which will neutralize CO² emissions of the program contributors.

» Carbon Free Certification Program
» Carbon-Free Certified Services

Program directed by the Movimento Mecenas da Vida (Patrons for Life Movement)