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Passeios a Cavalo - Itacaré EcoRanch
Vila Camboinha - Itacaré
12km de Itacaré, 3km das praias Engenhoca e Itacarezinho
☎ +55 73 - 99935 5142

Discover typical landscapes of this region, formed by partially cultivated valleys and untouched parts of the Atlantic Forest. All walks start from the farm after a brief briefing on safety rules and key advice for true beginners. Horses of Quarter Horse or Campolina breeds have been selected according to their calm personality with a simple concept in mind: anyone can ride them.

The trails will pass by small properties of traditional farming with plantations of coconut, banana, pineapple, clove, cocoa, hevea, manioc, and  aromatic herbs among others. Other parts will go deeply inside the rainforest and transport you into the wild. You will certainly see a great variety of birds and if you are lucky toucans, monkeys , or a sloth.

For beginners, 2h on horse, half-day programme
Distance of 7km, 90% walk, 10% trot/canter
We reach the waterfall through a variety of different landscapes with the trail crossing two small streams. There, possibility to take a bath, a drink, or have a lunch if organised in advance at a simple restaurant serving local food. We come back the same way.

For experienced riders, 3h on horse, half-day programme
Distance of 15km, 60% walk, 40% trot/gallop
This long circuit around the ranch takes you into the wilderness of primary rainforest and deserted areas free of any human activity. You will feel the true nature of the origins. The return is a journey across the jungle part of the ranch (25ha) through an hidden valley.

For very experienced riders, 4h on horse, full-day programme
Distance of 25km, 50% walk, 20% trot, 30% gallop
The trail goes first to the Bom Sossego Waterfall , then use a small portion of the BA 001 to reach Vila Marambaia where a ground road will take us to one of the most isolated beach of Itacaré which is also the estuary of Jeribucaçu river. You will have time for a relaxing swim and enjoy a grilled fish that you will have chosen yourself before it is cooked by local people.

Contact: Didier
☎ +55 73 - 99935 5142
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